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New Issue – Volume 2, Issue 3

October 7, 2014

Our Fall 2014 issue has been published! It’s an exciting collection of peer-reviewed articles, interviews, essays and book reviews. You can read the whole issue HERE, and the Table of Contents is below!


Unsettling settler colonialism: The discourse and politics of settlers, and solidarity with Indigenous nations

Not mere abstractions: Language policies and language ideologies in U.S. settler colonialism

Beasts of burden: How literary animals remap the aesthetics of removal

Western epistemic dominance and colonial structures: Considerations for thought and practice in programs of teacher education

Separate and connected: A portrait of perspectives and pedagogy at an Afrocentric shule

Amazighité and secularism: Rethinking religious-secular divisions in the Amazigh political imagination


Paper Rocket Productions: A decolonizing epistemology of young Indigenous filmmakers


Liberating the spirit through education transformed: The teacup memorial for Roxana Chu-Yee Ng

REVIEWS Critique de la raison nègre: A review

Red Skin, White Masks: A review

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