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Remembering to Forget

January 4, 2016

by Geraldine King


Sip on my nectar

Is it sweet?

We forgot how to be lovers

When the wells ran dry

When oceans became deserts

When the stars sucked the life

Out of you

Out of me

All we were left with was the moon

Shining brighter than our souls

But dimming our spirits

When you remembered me

You forgot yourself

You allowed ego to overcome

To come over

To cum all over

To culminate in midnight

I hear the crickets snapping their backs

Against your willful thrusts

Their crusty carapaces crackling in the night

Going back to their ancestors

While we honour ours

On this bed of self-regret



Geraldine King is Anishinaabekwe from Kiashke Zaaging Anishinaabek (Gull Bay First Nation). Geraldine is a Master’s student in the Indigenous Governance Program at the University of Victoria where her primary research interests are centred on Indigenous erotica as viable resurgent governance praxis. Geraldine is the Managing Editor of Intercontinental Cry Magazine, a publication of the Centre for World Indigenous Studies.

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